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  • I am a 71 year old male who has been physically active my entire life, doing several activities such as jogging, biking, gym workouts on various machines, etc. My wife has been doing yoga for several years and periodically tried to get me to join her.  I resisted, thinking the usual male attitudes toward the activity; its for ladies, it’s not as good a workout compared to mine, and so on. 

      Anna’s yoga “workouts” are as beneficial as any activity I’ve ever done!  It is my first time doing yoga, I am amazed at the strength, flexibility and balance challenges Anna incorporates into her sessions.  Her calm, steady vocal instructions are excellent and she offers a variety of alternative moves to test students of varying abilities. The transformation of my body after 60 min. from stiffness, and stress to an overall feeling of relaxation, calmness and well-being is truly remarkable.  The classes are offered several times per week and can be done in the privacy of your own home, and are excellent!
  • I am a baby boomer who just started doing yoga during the fall of 2020. The friend who inspired me to start knew about Anna’s classes and I have been doing her Wednesday morning class quite regularly since November. I find that the classes are a good complement to my other wellness activities and I always feel better at the end of a session than at the beginning. I appreciate Anna’s frequent reminders that what we can do in yoga varies from day to day and person to person, and that it’s the intention that counts. I like this approach and the options she provides to do what’s comfortable and works for me and, at times, challenge myself to go further when it feels right.
  • One of the silver linings of the COVID epidemic has been the opportunity to take online yoga classes with Anna.  I’ve dabbled in yoga in the past but this is the first time I’ve really connected with an instructor and started taking regular classes.  Anna offers a fun, challenging and relaxing yoga class.  I love the flow of the class and the variety of movements that Anna incorporates—her classes involve both repetition as well as new additions in virtually every class, keeping things engaging all the time.  Anna also offers participants many options, making her classes appropriate for people with different levels of ability and helping people to stay in tune with their bodies and make adjustments in the moment. Even though the class is remote and she may not even be able to see students, she intuitively seems to know where things might go wrong…and offers pointers at just the right junctures. I come away from every class feeling relaxed, stimulated and grateful for the opportunity to study yoga with Anna!
  • I discovered Anna’s online yoga classes through friends early on during our Covid-19 confinement.  Her gentle nurturing classes were the perfect antidote to the stress I experienced while watching illness and death numbers climb all over the world.  At the same time, her attention to all types of poses and breathing techniques gave me the opportunity to increase my strength, flexibility and balance while I was stuck at home. I could not have been luckier.  Anna has provided a beautiful silver lining to the cloud that has been the pandemic.  Plus I have gained a new friend!  I’m delighted and grateful!

  • Anna’s classes have a wonderful balance of meditation, stretching, and movement.  The mental aspects of the practice are touched on during every class, and there’s a good mix of static and active movement so that your body’s trouble spots get attention in multiple ways.  I also like how the focus isn’t on an end goal, but rather making the practice your own by encouraging you to tap into your own intuition and following what’s best for you.

  • Anna’s practice is a whole mind, body and heart experience. The way she incorporates strength building into her classes makes me feel like I am in good hands! And the singing bowls that end every class are a beautiful and unique experience that always leave me feeling grounded and calm.

  • Anna is a great yoga instructor! During our zoom classes, she almost always asks for any problem areas that we’d like to address. Her instructions during class are easy to follow and the music is soothing. The meditation and warm-ups are a great way to begin class, followed by some strong asanas in the middle, and a nice cool down. I also love that she ends the evening classes with the sound bowls!
  • Anna’s classes are everything I look for in a yoga practice. They are the perfect balance of meditation and movement, and somehow manage to leave me feeling calm and energized at the same time!
  • As a regular yoga participant, the shut down of my studio because of the pandemic was a real blow.  Then I found Anna’s ZOOM classes.  What a professional, sincere, talented instructor!  She challenges us but provides alternatives to meet the abilities of many levels.  Anna’s yoga instruction deserves only superlatives!!
  • Anna’s yoga classes have been a lifesaver during my year of teaching from home. Her classes are easy to follow, fun, and most importantly doable in my tiny space. She motivates me to try new poses while encouraging me to stay within my breath and my body.

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Stay in touch with Anna!

Get updates on all things Passionflower Yoga!